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Lot Tracking

Automate the task of accurately maintaining records detailing the movement of items from raw material receipts to customer shipments. Lot Tracking can be used along side other MOS modules or as a stand alone system.

A quick overview

Step 1: Create a purchase order using the main MOS program.

Step 2: Receive the goods by manual entry or by using the Receiver Scan Program. The Receiver Scan Program is designed to work with a bar code scanner to track what was actually received against the order. It also is used to record the lot number on each item received. *(optional)


The Food and Drug Administration requires you to track lot numbers and maintain a detailed audit of every production run. MOS's Lot Tracker module simplifies the hassles of dealing with this regulation allowing a bi-directional view.

1) FromA view showing the lot number of every tracked component, tracking the use of vendor product and goods by their lot numbers throughout the entire product manufacturing process. We call this the “Production Log” tab.

2) GoA view showing the lot number of every assembled product, tracking from production through shipping and delivery. This is what we call the “Sales History” tab.

Step 3: Start off by creating your own Lot Number.

Clicking on F5 Add a New Production Lot # brings up the production detail screen.

Lot Tracker keeps the production log, and tracks which specific items went into each lot number.

In the New Production Lot window:
Lot Tracker module records which specific vendor lot numbers were used in the manufacture of each of your lots. Quickly review which supplier's lot numbers were used in the production of your own lot.

You'll note that in this example, the raw materials is a 100 lbs bag of almonds and the finished goods is a 1 lb bag. The production detail screen shows that only 1 item is required to make this bag of almonds, but there are two different shipments that still have available quantities remaining. In this example, the oldest shipment has been selected, which can produce 47 items, demonstrating the lot tracker program knows that the maximum number of bags that can be produced in this case 47. If there were other components that had lot numbers, it would look for the component with the least available quantity and use that as the max that can be produced at this time.

When the "Add" button is clicked, the production log item is created and the raw materials are subtracted and the finished goods increased.

When you build a production lot, based on formula, materials list or recipe you will be cued to availability of items on hand, as well as the ability to split your lot based on quantities available.

In the Sales History Tab:
Track the destination of every item. Search by manufacturer lot number, your product number, or your lot number. In this screen you can enter any lot number that has been sold, press "Enter" and see all sales involving the lot#.


Lot Tracker seamlessly connects to the MSO system or can be used as a stand alone tracking system. When used with billing lot numbers appear on every invoice.

Invoicing: **(optional)

When creating an invoice each item is pulled from an inventory list that includes the Lot# for each item. Should quantities exceed availability in on lot# same items from different lot#'s are listed on separate lines. Demonstrating the lot tracking capabilities will function at all levels in all modules of the MOS suite.

The same screen used to create and display invoices in the billing module is accessible in the Lot Tracker module through the Sales History tab reporting all customers and invoices involved with shipping a particular lot#. Providing a fully integrated full featured system.

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*Lot Tracker allows for manual entry of selected or all of your inventory items.
**Each module of the My Office Software system can be purchased separately and run dependently of other modules.
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